CALL 911 for any situation that requires IMMEDIATE police, fire, or medical response to preserve life or property.

You can also use any outdoor Blue Light phone (situated throughout campus) or indoor designated emergency phone to report a campus emergency. Just pick up the receiver or press the call button.

The Emergency Action Guide at the left provides instructions on actions to take in emergency situations.  Click this Emergency Action Guide link to download a copy to print and keep in a convenient location.

Flood Safety

Flood Safety Awareness Week may be over but flooding risks never end.  Flash flooding is the highest flooding risk impacting the Cornell campus.  Learn more about flood safety at the National Weather Service Flood Safety web site and from watching this short video.

Cornell University has developed a comprehensive emergency management program utilizing best standard practices from across peer institutions and emergency management organizations. This program will provide guidance to the campus community for the organization, coordination and collaboration of university services and resources toward an effective response to, continuation through and the recovery from emergencies. The effectiveness of this program is dependent on the preparedness of the entire campus community to stay vigilant to prepare for the unexpected events and disasters that may impact the mission of teaching, research and outreach of Cornell University.