Building Evacuation

Evacuation is required:

  • any time the fire alarm sounds,
  • an evacuation announcement is made, or
  • a university official orders you to evacuate.

In the event of an evacuation:

  • Alert those around you who might not have heard.
  • Turn off equipment and secure hazardous operations if possible.
  • Take your keys, jackets, and any personal items with you, you may not have access to them for hours or longer.
  • Close doors and windows. Leave room lights on.
  • Remain calm and walk to nearest exit. Do NOT use elevators.

If you are unable to leave the building due to a physical disability:

  • Go to the nearest area where there are no hazards.
  • Use a telephone to call 911 (on the Ithaca campus you can also call Cornell Police at 607 255-1111).
  • Be sure to give them the room number so they can send help to you.
  • If possible, signal out the window to on-site emergency responders.
  • One person may remain with you if they wish to assist you.

Do not re-enter until given an “all clear” signal by emergency personnel.

Disability Planning for Emergency Evacuations

Do you have a condition (temporary or permanent) that might prevent you from leaving a building during an emergency?  Visit the Emergency Evacuation Planning web page for information about developing an evacuation plan.