Cornell AgriTech Emergency Information


For any situation that requires IMMEDIATE police, fire, or medical response to preserve life or property on the Geneva, NY campus.

En cas d’urgence cadran 911
Im Notfall Vorwahlknopf 911
In caso d’urgenza manopola 911
En caso d’urgenza manopola 911
在一个紧急情况的拨号盘 911

In case of FIRE, activate the building fire alarm using a manual fire alarm station. ​​

Refer to the Emergency Action Guide in the sidebar of this web site for detailed information on what to do in an emergency.
Please note that emergency phone numbers for the Cornell AgriTech at NYSAES campus are different from emergency numbers for the Ithaca, NY campus.

Cornell AgriTech Campus Services

Emergency Services

  • Police, Medical, or Fire Emergencies call 911 from any telephone
  • Cornell AgriTech non-life threatening emergencies including facility related emergencies call 315-787-2499

When reporting an emergency, be prepared to give:

  • Location of the emergency – building, room, directions.
  • Type and severity of the emergency.
    • Fire – type and size of fire.
    • Medical – type of illness or injury, cause, number of patients.
    • Police – type of crime, description of suspects and direction of travel.
    • Hazardous Material – materials involved, quantity, hazards and injuries.
  • When the incident occurred.
  • Your name, location and phone number so responders can find you.

Other Services

  • Environmental Health and Safety at Cornell AgriTech: 315-787-2350
  • Environmental Health and Safety: 607-255-8200
  • Cornell AgriTech Buildings and Properties: 315-787-2301
  • Cornell AgriTech Heating Plant: 315-787-2215
  • Geneva General Hospital 315-787-4000
  • Cornell AgriTech Campus Operating Status
  • Current Cornell University Campus Alerts